Gas Gas 2018

Gas Gas TXT GP 2018

Price TBA

Tech gold colour front suspension with a new springs and adjusters
Öhlins shock absorber with adjusters specially developed for the TXT GP
Clutch spring with variable preload
Boyesen carbon fibre reed valves
Double spark CDI and closed core Hidria coils
Carbon fibre filter box
Cylinder head and insert system
Renthal handlebar and protectors

High strength red silicone cooling hoses
FIM regulation disc brake
Titanium header
Carbon fibre exhaust protector
Lightened suspension clamps


Gas Gas Enduro 2018

Gas Gas EC 250 E4

Price TBA

Gas Gas has completely reinvented its iconic Enduro. The new ECdemonstrates total commitment to the very highest quality components. With new frame, engine, suspension, geometry and an endless list of new parts. A new Enduro that joins together in one unique formula the greatest reliability, top specs, versatility, easy riding and is mechanically accessible. We present the new EC, a total renovation for Gas Gas in the most demanding off-road speciality: Enduro.





Gas Gas 2017


125cc - £5720.83

250cc - £5860.04

280cc - £5899.99

300cc - £5999.25


TXT Racing E4, the essence of trial

The sum of the details improves the result of the whole. Gas Gas presents the new TXT Racing E4 range. The brand’s emblem bike in the competitive world of trial has gained balance, traction and control thanks to the incorporation of new components and groundbreaking settings. Details which are not immediately obvious but show up in the handling.


Gas Gas 2018 Available Now


250cc - £4899.99

280cc - £4999.99


GAS GAS TRIAL CONTACT ES, The excursionist with electric starter system

This is the bike for serious enthusiasts of both trial and mountain riding. The new Gas Gas Trial Contact now has a new feature: electric start. The high quality of its component parts are put together offering characteristic ease of use and riding comfort. Riders are going to have a great time on excursions and long off-road trips thanks to its comfortable seat and its large capacity 3.5 litre tank.



GAS GAS TXT School 125




Trial School 125, A trial bike for ‘hobby-riders’

Get started in the world of trial with the new Gas Gas Trial School, a bike with features good enough so you won’t miss out on any of the authentic Gas Gas spirit, but with a smoother, more easy-going riding style just right for entry level riders. Aimed at beginners as well as veteran riders who are looking for a bike that is going to give them the maximum amount of fun on an enjoyable day’s trial riding.


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