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New and Used Motorcycle Dealers in Maidstone | The Best Bike and Motorcycle Accessories for You

If you’re trying to choose the perfect new bike, this guide is for you. When it comes to buying motorbikes, there are endless options available, from road and off-road models to new and used bikes, however some are much more suited to your lifestyle and needs than others. This also applies to motorcycle accessories. Consequently, it is vital to consider your needs in order to choose the right options for you. With over 80 years’ combined experience, the new and used motorcycle dealers at Inta Motorcycle Services Ltd help every customer in Maidstone and the surrounding areas find the perfect bike for their lifestyle and needs. Our motorbike dealers provide expert advice and recommendations, taking a range of factors into account, from engine size and rider experience to motorbike servicing requirements. This guide gives you a starting point to choosing the best bike and accessories for you.

As well as being expert dealers, we are also highly experienced in motorbike MOTs, servicing and repairs, enabling us to provide on-going services and advice for our customers. This ensures you always have the best bike, services and motorcycle accessories for your needs.

What Bike Are You Allowed to Ride?

There’s no point buying a bike you can’t legally ride on the road, so you need to know what type of motorbike your licence allows you to ride. For example, if you have your CBT you can only ride a 50cc moped, but our new and used motorcycle dealers in Maidstone can still help as we sell a range of scooters as well as motorbikes.

In addition, an AM licence restricts riders to a 50cc motorbike, while A1 and A2 licences have their own restrictions. Having been providing customers with their ideal bikes for many years, our motorbike dealers ensure holders of all licence types leave with a suitable model for safe, legal and enjoyable riding.

How Will You Use Your Motorbike?

One of the most important factors to consider is how you will use your motorbike. For example, do you need a bike for commuting in the city, riding down country lanes around Maidstone, or for taking part in off-road events? You should also consider maintenance and motorbike servicing requirements – do you need a reliable, low maintenance option that will be fine until its next motorbike MOT, or are you happy to work on your bike?

Furthermore, knowing how you will use your bike also helps you choose the right motorcycle accessories, such as footwear, protective clothing and lights.

Whatever your requirements, we have an option to suit, and our motorbike dealers can advise on the perfect make and model of road or off-road bikes, including trials and enduro bikes. We also supply all the accessories and parts customers in Maidstone could need.

New or Used?

Whether to buy a new or used bike often comes down to budget, and if you want a quality bike at a lower cost, our used motorcycle dealers have something to suit every customer. If you opt for a used bike, always check its history, condition and if it has a valid motorbike MOT.

You should also think about motorbike servicing requirements and costs. For example, new bikes will likely only need servicing at manufacturer recommended intervals, while a used bike may need more regular work or repairs.

Call the new and used motorcycle dealers at Inta Motorcycle Services Ltd on 01622 688727 for quality motorbikes and services in Maidstone.